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Originally Posted by Meeni View Post
It looks like you are not the one at fault. But you should humble a bit. I do not think you are a terrible driver and should not be allowed to enjoy a good car. But just think about what you could have done that would have saved it.

It is a very common crash scenario, and I cannot prevent thinking that a more experienced driver could have averted it with a combination of better reflexes and covering the brake even before the girl did the mistake, because it is just so probable that she'll do it. Next time, be ready, it might still not save it, but airbags will not always save you, so better take all chances on your side. You are the one responsible of your safety, often, that means that you have to provision for the stupidity of others.
Clearly there is no replacement for experience, and at 18 - chances are very high that you would not have been able to avert the situation either.

Over the years, and particularly as an avid motorcyclist, I drive very defensively, always searching for potential hazards / morons. At intersections where I have the green light, I shadow the brake and and clear the intersection as I approach it - too many close calls not to do that.

Back to the OP: The Police Officer can't lay blame your way unless he has proof that you were exceeding the posted limit. The fact of the matter is that the driver of the other vehicle was at fault and that needs to be addressed.