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There are a lot of different aftermarket brake pads to choose from. I put Hawk HPS brake pads on my car after doing a lot of research and seeing nothing but good reviews. I don't track my car at all. I really like the fact that the pads are low dusting which dramatically helped in keeping my wheels cleaner.

It's been a while but I think the Hawk where cheaper than the factory pads and are better performing.

You also need to replace the Rotors with every service indicated brake pad change... there will always be someone that says you can get away without changing the rotors but that goes against the factory recommendation and requires you to babysit or monitor your rotors.... Plus Rotors are cheap and you don't get that much more life out of them... and living on the edge with questionable brakes... well there are better ways to get your jollies. Brakes is where my family's safety comes first.

Again after market is much cheaper like $50.00 each vs $200 or so for the factory rotors.... Plus you can get them painted on the edges and middle which eliminates the ugly rust.... and still save money.