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Gear Oil for 335i 6 Speed Manual Trans?

I've done a lot of searching, both here and on google, and I'm still confused. Even BMW's own internal documents are confusing. What is the correct gear oil for the 335i manual transmission?

It must be either MTL-LT2 or MTL-LT3 but I can't determine between the two. I can't see the damned decal on my transmission because of the big plastic plate that's in the way.

BMW does state MTL-LT3 for 2006+ N52 powered cars. What about N54 powered cars?

My build date is 01/09. Does anyone know for certain?

Also, MTL-LT3 is only available from BMW in 5L jugs for about $150.- Does anyone know what the correct OEM is? I've seen Pentosin and Fuchs mentioned. I though I saw a list of equivalent oils from various mostly European manufacturers, but I can't find it now.

I do know that Castrol SAF-XO is the correct differential oil. Seems to be very hard to get in the U.S. ECS sells it but they are out until January.

I'm at 48.5k, still under factory warranty for the next 1.5k, then CPO for the next 2 years.

Should I just say fk it, and just use RedLine like I did in my E39? Or play it safe and stick with the OE or OEM oils?


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