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Originally Posted by Zysos617 View Post
probly was a leaky tranny before? then tranny has some dmg done already. nothing will fix it cept for rebuild or replace......

when did you get the car? if you are not the first owner, you dont know if the tranny leaked oil before. sounds like it did. oil pan leak so common.

i wouldnt rebuild it. at least wait till it dies to rebuild. i doubt it will die. just not smooth. to save some $ i guess u just deal with it. its 160k anywayz. drive 1 or 2 more years then replace the car.
I'm not the first owner of the car. I'll keep trying alternative solutions (no re-build) and see if it helps or improve. currently main issue is when is shifts from 1st to 2nd other transition seems to have improved after adaptation reset today. already drove about 100KM after reset today.

i need to purchase spark plugs and replace those next. cheapest i found was 18/each from dealer. is it worth buying from dealer?