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Originally Posted by tdot328Xi View Post
for part # FR7NPP332, price vary significantly between vendors. goes from about $6 to 14 for same part time. makes me wonder about the quality.

i got a quote from dealer for about $18/each. i'm leaning towards it. its funny how some dealer use Bosch and some dealer use NGK.
The dealer is always going to be more expensive. As long as you buy that model from Bosch, they will be gapped appropriately and work like the OEM ones.

The OEM ones that came in your car are Bosch, so replacing them with the same model is what I would recommend.

Even for my plugs (for a 335) you can buy them in the US for half the price at some places as opposed to others. Its all about how they are marked up, and if they are an online store as apposed to a physical location which will have higher overhead and usually charge more for products.

To make yourself feel comfortable, you can always check the gap of the plugs when you receive them. This is what you should do just out of habit. The reason I don't for the 335 is because our plugs have 3-prongs and requires a special gapping tool if the gap is off. For the 328 plugs, they are single ended and can be gapped or adjusted very easily if you have the tool which costs $5 at any auto store.