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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
You pulled your turbos in your garrage?
I wanted to install new turbos, but I don't have the cojones to do the jobs just yet haha.

FINALLY! Someone in the community puts up a lift haha. I really wish you were around this past summer, I destroyed a ligament in my right hand and dislocated a couple carpals trying to do everything on my garage floor LOL.

PM incoming

When you get that lift I will give you some ideas of things that can be done to the car with some creativity. I have a lot of wacky ideas haha.

Andy come on! You're an engineer you don't need a lift.
hahaha I know. I'm just as excited to get this beauty all set up once it arrives. I HATE working on the car when its on the ground on jacks, I swear you loose a year of life from how it is on your body when your under the car on the driveway.

Dr. G - PM replied. You have the details, send me a text.