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and at 18 - chances are very high that you would not have been able to avert the situation either.
I'm not claiming otherwise. It took me a number of close calls to realize how foolish it is to expect that others will make no mistakes and loose that feel of entitlement. At the end, whomever was right or wrong doesn't matter when there are injuries, the pain is the same.

Originally Posted by BenġrTheBMW View Post
Hey guys one more question:

Will the insurance company most likely look at my EDR (event data recorder aka black box)?
I do not quote you so you can remove the rest here Have you agreed to have such a device as part of your insurance plan ? I know I wouldn't, good way to pay insurance premium and never receive the money when you need it
If you didn't it seems sketchy that they use a device to track your every move and you have no recourse against it. Now, I'm not a layer, so...

On another note, you may also consider a Miata, its a fun car that handles well and I'm pretty sure chicks dig it If you are in sun country, even better!