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Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
I agree if what you are thinking is "gun laws are useless". I own several and am a member of the NRA. A study was released in regards to all the gun murders in Chicago and they found 1% are done by legal gun owners. The city wants to apply a tax to each round purchased by legal gun owners thinking this will help prevent the shootings in the city. You are comparing 'apples' to 'oranges'. Again, what I said is how my relatives feel about tints as police in SoCal.
No, I'm simply stating that there are far too many laws that infringe the rights of the majority of law abiding citizens, due to the actions of the minority of criminals, that do little to nothing to prevent crime. The vast majority of gun laws fall into this category, as do silly nanny-state laws such as tint laws. Apples to apples. Just different varieties.