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Originally Posted by SIKH335 View Post
I think everyone needs to calm down. This is the first time the Single 6AT guys have hit the pavement running the cars like this. I guarantee that the 6AT issues will be resolved for the good of the entire community and all the drama queens will have to eat their words. My cars motor and turbo kit performed perfectly, however the transmission had the same glitches that the RB guys had. I simply decided to test and tune to a certain point then call it. I'm in no way going to damage my Trans for a race. What we do with this transmission will help all those who have upgraded turbos period.

Patience is a virtue and those on this forum and others need that. As for spending $400 to test and tune that's really a small price to pay to do so safely and as an adult should. I do not recommend, nor have I ever recommended running your car on the street at these speeds. This is exactly why myself and the other two single turbo guys have not run our cars on public streets at this level.

I think I speak for myself and the two others when I say our cars run perfectly on the street and such we are very happy with the results. We are however true enthusiasts so we will place out money where our mouth is to improve this platform and are confident that we will do so. All those that have not spent the $ and the hard work of making history in my opinion really do not have an opinion.

I leave you with "Patience" don't get ahead of your self.

PS Captain Insano and his Single 6MT ran everything he could and did great. Wait for the vids to hit the forum his car is a beast he also asked to race the RB car and was ignored.
that's fine but seriously... all the single turbos any only your 1/4 mile result? I don't get it. If you are literally telling them not to go to a track and post a result because you are still debugging something for them to make a simple 1/4 mile pass, cool just say it, that would be respectable. But you can't tell me an "enthusiast" spends that kind of money and doesnt go to a track and run a 1/4 mile. that's Bs. And I don't think you can validate that I "don't have an opinion" as I'm still waiting for some one to show me a better full weight no meth street tire stock turbo 1/4 mile pass than mine.
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