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Hi guys -

Received a spacer/shim from Tim a month or so ago. Installed it right away. Thought I would wait a bit and drive my 3'er for a few weeks before providing feedback.

I did have the bloody SES light on when I installed it. Geez, getting a sunburn from that friggen thing. Light was still on till I acquired a PEAKE code reader tool. Reset the code and the car has run great for the duration.

In the mean time I have installed a Rogue - ICON stainless pipe and deleted the worthless piece(s) of garbage secondary/post Cat's. The exhaust sounds so sweet it is un-F'ing-believable! It is too much fun mod'ing these wonderful Bimmers.

Many thanks (again) to Tim for facilitating this shim solution to the aFe intake system.

Cheers mates.


2006 E90 (early build 11/05) 325xi 6MT Alpine White, DeBadged, Rogue-ICON, stainless brakelines, Power Slot rotors, CDV delete, post-CAT delete, aFe intake+MAF TimShim, LED interior lighting, Escort Passport 8500 x50