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Hi folks, I really need your help confirming my suspicion. I bought one of the earlier versions of LUX H8 V3 (batch 1107) for my E92 and that worked great. I have just switched to a E89, which is also listed on the compatibility list. But after 2 hours of trying, lots of sweat, scrapes and cursing, I have failed to install them in the E89. I think the problem is the two nubs (see picture below) that is preventing the LUX from sitting flush:

Here's why I think that is the case. This is the picture of my LUX, which is the earlier "silver" version:

Note only the top heatsink ring is a smaller radius, where as the bottom 6 heatsink rings are equal radius.

Now look at the new "grey" LUX V3:

Note the top 2 heatsink rings are smaller radius than the rest, which I think allows the LUX to sit flush even with those 2 nubs.

Can anyone please confirm that the older silver LUX V3 does not fit in E89?

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