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Originally Posted by SIKH335 View Post
Listen bud I'm not sure who you are but if u can afford the kit you probably have a job and a demanding one at that. The results will be there. If my car was at the track there are enough 335 owners at Sac to state that I was there I simply have not been there and have been to busy surviving the economy to do so. That's not to say that results will not be available. The Trans is an issue that needs to be resolved and no one has looked at it. For you to call BS is childish. You have no contemplation of what busy could mean. All i am saying is relax your new on the forum the results will come and when they do they will help more than the Singles. I state again I don't know who you are (banned member or true user) but all things aside results will come. For god sake HPF has yet to show what their supposed single can do.

PS Creminz was not at the event.
Just about everyone nearing or above 500wtq, including myself, are having some sort of transmission issues on this platform. You just went off on a rant about the economy and not being able to afford to go to a test and tune 1/4 mile. Are you serious? If someone can spring for a single turbo kit they can pay 20 bucks and drive a few hours to make a 1/4 mile pass. I simply do not believe that no one has ran a 1/4 mile pass with the kit. I'll rephrase that, if no one has made a quarter mile pass, it could only be because you told them not to. Like I stated before, if there is a legitimate reason why, just say it. No nonsense excuses about a guy spending 7K plus for the kit but then the troubling economy preventing him from paying 20 bucks or so to see a real world result.
and trust me, I know busy. I spend 28 (24 hour) days a year flying between the oilfield on the arctic ocean in Alaska and my home state of Florida. I could easily afford the "kit" and make time to run tons of quarter mile passes. Until I see real world results I'll hold off on deciding the route to go with upgraded turbos.
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