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Flex Fuel Users/E85 Users Need Help

Flex Fuel Users/E85 Users: What do your fuel trims/logs look like? Please read take a look:

Below are my logs since installing my Flex Fuel Kit and Procede flash from Vishnu:

1st logs are prior to me replacing my LPFP. After installing the flex fuel kit, adding in some E85 (flex fuel sensor is reading about 63% ethanol now) and going out to do some highway pulls, my car would cut out during a WOT pull. Figured the car has 54K miles on it and the LPFP is getting weak and should be replaced, as recommended by Vishnu also. Fuel trims were maxing out at points and the car would cut out/sputter when trying to do a 3rd gear pull, the exhaust would sound like a farting sound with hardly any power, then after a bit of light cruising, the car or fuel pump would then catch back up and smooth out. Also noticed that my live AFR readings would lock and not read until the car smoothed out either…

Here are the logs from then:

I since have replaced the LPFP with a new one and the car no longer cuts out when doing a 3rd-4th -5th gear pull, that’s much better. It feels pretty good actually, my concern is that my fuel trims are still not that much lower, they are still a bit higher than I would have expected them to be but still are/close to maxing out again. Temps up here are pretty cold at night, about 30 degrees outside when doing these highway pulls, so it may be really working the stock fuel system possibly too…

Both of these logs below are of the car with new LPFP installed:

And another log from tonight:

Anyone have any thoughts or comparisons on the flex fuel kit and what your current fuel trims are like etc…?

I know it may be time for an upgraded LPFP/booster pump also when one becomes available, but also curious if there is anything else that may be wrong/lacking other than the LPFP that I should address.

Thanks in advance