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Originally Posted by smi1gj View Post
Just about everyone nearing or above 500wtq, including myself, are having some sort of transmission issues on this platform. You just went off on a rant about the economy and not being able to afford to go to a test and tune 1/4 mile. Are you serious? If someone can spring for a single turbo kit they can pay 20 bucks and drive a few hours to make a 1/4 mile pass. I simply do not believe that no one has ran a 1/4 mile pass with the kit. I'll rephrase that, if no one has made a quarter mile pass, it could only be because you told them not to. Like I stated before, if there is a legitimate reason why, just say it. No nonsense excuses about a guy spending 7K plus for the kit but then the troubling economy preventing him from paying 20 bucks or so to see a real world result.
and trust me, I know busy. I spend 28 (24 hour) days a year flying between the oilfield on the arctic ocean in Alaska and my home state of Florida. I could easily afford the "kit" and make time to run tons of quarter mile passes. Until I see real world results I'll hold off on deciding the route to go with upgraded turbos.
Calm your beard Shivs old drag times aren't good enough? They should be a good indicator.

No one is telling anyone not to go to the drag strip. That's just stupid. There's a lot of pressure for the singles to go, precisely because there haven't been many runs. But really, we all have lives. I'd prefer to go road racing on one of the few weekends I can get away, rather than sit at the drag strip.

However, after my body work is finished up I"m planning on heading down to Sacramento Raceway to get a few runs in. I have never drag raced before, but Shift S3ctor has given me an itch, and I"m ready to try it out. Hopefully my gopro black will be in by then.

Believe it or not, there really aren't very many of us around. I'm sure Shiv will go back to the track with his new found power to set a better time soon. Although, somehow, I don't think you really care about the single turbo drag times, and just like to argue on the internet.

See you on the track sometime.
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