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Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
Please do not hate the President. He is still one of Gods children also. I am sure you mean that you dislike his polices and beliefs as I do.

2016 maybe a little far off but 2014 isn't. The loyal opposition needs to rise to that number now.
No, I hate him - I hate his policies, beliefs, and personality. He's a snobby, insolent, blowhard idiot. I hated him back when I considered myself Liberal (back when he spoke at the DNC), as well, so this isn't a political thing, before someone makes that accusation. His personality rubs me the wrong way, and I'd love to smack his smug-ass look off his face.

I hate a lot of people - and I'll hate whoever I damn well please. And I'm Atheist, so no one is "God's children" to me. I'll reserve my comment on that, simply to avoid an all out religious post war.