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Originally Posted by SIKH335 View Post
Time is money bud. No one went on a rant about anything to do with $20. Be real there is more than just a single turbo in my car. It's a matter of time can you give me the time to run to Sac. Beyond that why do you keep say "you" when referring to me as if I have told people with singles not to run them at the track. Who exactly do you think you are talking shit to????? Oil fields in Alaska and Florida huh big talker do you have time to Show us some slips from a local track.

I know this for a fact the car that I drive holds the Stock Turbo 1/4 mile record at 11.3 at 122.8mph. What do you the mysterious Alaskan have to show for your self before you call me out.

PS we are not approaching 500whp we are passing 610whp on a 6AT that's a big difference.
I post slips from my local track (pbir) all the time. Just posted some last Wednesday , the night before I flew back to Alaska. PPS I said 500wtq not HP, learn to read. . I'll be posting plenty more in the 2 weeks I'm home 11/23-12/5. I guess I'm as cool as you seeing how it would seem I hold the record for FULL weight, no meth, street tires & stock turbos at 11.8@116.68
cool we are both heroes?

Captain insano, props for your honestly.

Georgiatech, I hope you get the car going strong, and if you do; if I remember correctly you are in Gainesville, if so and I make the drive on one of my 2 weeks off down there, will you oblige me with your presence at the track of your choice and maybe a roll?
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