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Originally Posted by boostaholic786 View Post
^ VERY WELL PUT Graduating from the University of Texas didn't teach me how to spell as properly as the incredibly intelligent OP haha.

I appreciate you taking the time to actually respond properly since I was in a hurry when I wrote my post lol. Very well put and hopefully the OP can understand and learn exactly why such a thread is as misleading as the shop he took his car to. But def props to the shop for convincing the OP that they know EVERYTHING about the N54's!! It must be a shop like NTB and you know NTB knows all there is to know about these N54's haha let me tell ya
OP take your car is a shop that is familiar with BMW's at the least...Try and find a shop that is more of a "performance based shop"

Contrary to the norm (based on a few trite responses) that really doesn't take much time at all at a computer. Could be a 'tirely different "story" if you're using the mobile I suppose. However, going beyond plus ones, posts void of specificity and making sure that your writing indicates that English isn't your second or third language makes you pompous, so you might want to be cool like everyone else who's been following n54 forums for a few months now and keep your comments short and overly simple. Unless you'd like to know which intake or FMIC gives you the most horse powers. Uma vergonha