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Originally Posted by Ænema View Post
Just out of curiosity, what races did the ST cars win?
Meh let's see...

I lost to longboarder (s/c M3), but he will have a video of that soon so you can judge for yourself. He jumped the line and I had wheelspin on the inside lane, but he was really fast regardless, and I won't make excuses Mad respect for the guy.

I beat another supercharged E9X M3 coupe, sorry I don't remember the guys name, he came up with his friends to the FFTEC crew to ask about the single turbo kit afterwards. If you are out there man, I loved your car.

I lost to the HPF E46 M3 by a mile, the guy admitted to having 900hp. I also had pretty bad wheelspin. I didn't really figure out how to do a clean burnout until near the end of the event.

I won against Tomas@GIACs A4, not really a fair race but to make it fair I got my heaviest friend (450lb) to sit in the passenger seat.

I lost to one of the GTRs, but not by much, again with a passenger and bad wheelspin.

I won against a Shelbygt500 in a pretty clean race.

I won against one of the 6AT single turbo 335i. (sorry I'm really bad with names and met too many people)

I lost to the F10 M5. I had bad wheelspin and thought I might be able to catch the guy, but couldn't quite catch him.

The first run of the first day was against a chick in a slightly modified ZR1, I barely lost to her and the running joke was that if I kicked my passenger out of the car I would have won. From then on we called him "dead weight".

I lost to Shiv earlier on the first day pretty badly, man I just didn't know how to drag race at all.

I lost to Roberts Z06, I'll just post the story I already typed out again here:

My favorite run of the whole day was the very last one, against Robert in his stripped out modded Z06 corvette from Vishnu. His car weighed 3200lbs with him in it and dynoed at about the same horsepower as mine. We both spun our tires to heat them up on the way out. We hit the starting line at a dead even start and both got wheelspin (like every run, there was dust everywhere). He fishtailed hard and I remember looking sideways at him thinking "is he going to hit me?". It was surreal, and awesome. At first I thought I was going to have him, I just had more torque than he did an started pulling away. But in the top end he edged my out and beat me by about a car length. I remember looking down at the speedo at the finish line and seeing it pegged at 160 (doesn't go higher). It felt like the fastest run of the day.
Honestly, there were a lot of cars I raced, I tried to go out for every session and I just can't remember them all. My consistency was terrible, but overall it was about 50/50.

For reference I'll also post CupertinoSteve's results (I think he's 6AT?):

As for who I raced, the results and race notes( you can say "EXCUSES" - hehe):
- Datsun (lost) ... clean start, but couldn't get into 5th gear
- White GTR (won) ... spun 2nd and couldn't get into 5th gear
- Blue GTR (lost) ... dropped the boost between gears and still couldn't get into 5th and misfired riding 4th gear rev limit
- Black 996TT (won) ... couldn't get into 5th gear, but no more misfire in the top of fourth
- White 335 (won) ... i botched the start (i noticed i wasn't data logging and basically missed the starting cone to get it going) then I got on it. Could not get into 5th gear and rode 4th gear redline and misfired at the tail end of the run.
- Silver 335 (won) ... was able to get into 5th gear, but missing some of the boost that was carried between shift
- White M3 (lost) ... spun 2nd and rode the rev limiter until it misfired and then coasted the rest of the run.
Sorry I didn't have a camera. I know it's disappointing for you guys. I just bought a gopro black edition. Steve says he will have some vids soon.

You guys should really try to make it out to the next event. It's one of those things you have to experience in person.
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