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Originally Posted by SIKH335 View Post

Just to answer your question on other forums no I'm not Shiv. You can ask Terry he met me at the event this past weekend. Enough said.


Thank you for clearing that up

And I'm not a mysterious ghost/banned member. Just another enthusiast who spends lot of time at my local track. It seems we took each other for something we weren't lol. I can apologize.

And I think you can find in all of my posts I've never talked "shit" about the Vishnu or single turbo kit. I simply have been(along with many others) baffled at the "implied" secrecy in all of this.

Water under the bridge

FWIW with all the options for upgraded turbos and me being in the market for them, I just wanted to see some everyday end user results as I'm on the fence between Vargas stage 2, RBs, and the fftec
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