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ringing in the changes

morning folks. decided to definately change my pride and joy, hence went out in a 335d yesterday. really impressed, felt better than i remembered froma couple of years ago, and perhaps even more eresponsive at lower revs than mine. i did notice a slight hesitancy to start, where mine literally explodes into life, it was outside on the forecourt, and the salesman said they donČt like the cold! anyone know if this true? the car was an 09 with 24k. miles.the other problem was the huge gap between mine and it, 18k incl. finace outstanding. thinking of going for 5 yrs re-financing. in the mean time, i`ve also come across an 06 330d, same miles, 12k to chnge over 4 yrs hp. need to give a fast answer. so thought i`d ask opinions on the best course based on anyone elses experience. any thoughts on balloon payments? cheasper repayments, the 9k prob. at end. finally, 335 vs 330 in this case. havn`t driven 330 yet. sorry to drone on, late for work. thanks one and all. confused of manchester.