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JB4 daily driver trim does 121.2 Vbox

Weather was good tonight so i went out and decided to get some numbers.

As some of you know i deleted my cats recently making my car straight piped.

Before my car would consistently trap 118 on the vbox.

After the cat delete tonight my car consistently put down 120 & 121 mph traps with the highest being 121.2 mph

This was all done in my daily driver trim.
Mods for these runs:
jb4 g5 iso map 5
50/50 e85/93
vrsf downpipes
vrsf 7" intercooler
muffler delete
cat delete
oil catch can
vmr vb3 18x8.5 18x9.5
hankook v12 evo 275's 40% tread

My car weighs 3414lbs without me in it.

Im pretty impressed considering the car i drive everyday in its everyday trim traps 121.2 this is with no seats removed no race gas no meth no nos on street tires