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Originally Posted by Bray0671 View Post
Why can't I do like I have on my 2001 330i. I drain the coolant fill rad with water run car heat on high let cool and drain rad repeat 2-3 times ad 50 percent of coolant top off with water? Does this not work because it is a electric pump?
You could do it that way, but why would you and you may not get the trapped air out before the head overheats. The procedure for the N52/N54 is so simple. Drain the radiator, pull a hose or two off to get a bit more coolant out, refill and bleed the system with the engine cold. No need to deal with hot coolant. Eninty's proceedure is basically BMW's procedure from the TIS, so that is what the MANUFACTURER recommends as the procedure, why not follow it?