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Originally Posted by bmwak View Post
Your post doesn't make it clear whether you have coded them or not.

From what you describe it seems as though you need the coding done to remove the error checking on the rear lights. As they are LED's power draw is much lower than normal bulbs. This is in turn is causing your warning gong and its killing the power to these lights as a safety feature, making you think they are not working. Coding should fix that - although if memory serves me right I think you also need the latest FRM3 module, which is your car probably won't have if its of 2007MY.
Sorry for my post being unclear. I have no coding.

I thought they should have at least have some light but what your saying does make sense.

Can the FRM2 not be coded or will i definatly need the FRM3 module. How much would this cost to supply and fit if you know?

I just wanted to confirm as the garage would charge me for coding and it still not work..