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Auto Trans "Hunting" in 4th and 5th

I have a 2006 330i with auto trans that...

1. While in "D", works just fine. Shifts smoothly, dashboard and console lights are correct.

2. While in "DS" mode, it will "hunt" for the right gear in 4th gear, going from 4th to 5th back to 4th etc.. This "hunting" only occurs while in 4th AND under a smooth load (i.e. constant throttle - not gunning it). The dasboard and console lights correctly state "DS" and "M/S" respectively. I've also opened the console and did not find any broken wires (but maybe I missed one).

Let me be clear, this issue is different from "DS mode not working - broken wire" issues, where the dashboard will change from "DS" to "D". My dash stays correctly lit, just the tranny hunts for the right gear.

Anybody else have this issue? Any clues?