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1. im trying to connect to a 3 series e90 LCI 2009 as iv had issues with lack of power im off on holiday with the car Monday and wanted to find out what was wrong before i go i have read every post i can find over the last week but cant find the solution

2. i have tried pin 7-8 linked unlinked

3. i have pins 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 14 and 16 in the obd socket

4. I have tried xp SP3 32 bit. Firewall disabled, no anti-virus. No other software is installed. (I've had the same problem using Win 7 and Vista).

5. C:\Ediabas\bin is in the path.

6. Installed the USB cable and set the COM port to 1. Latency is set to 1ms. There is no option to use FIFO buffer.

7. Ediabas.ini has STD:OBD as interface. It is also set so loadwinxp = 1

8. OBD.INI is in C:\ediabas\bin and \system32. COM port is set to 1 but i have tried every other com port too.

9. When loading INPA, I get black battery and ignition when plugged in and starting car.

10. I can not read the ECU. or read errors. just get ifh-009

11. When trying to read any other module, I get the IFH 0009 No Response From Control Unit.

12. i have tried 3 different leads all supposedly kline and dcan compatable

13. i have tried 3 different laptops

14. i have tried to run dcantools but i get interface not found when trying to set dcan

15. i have installed the software from 3 different CD that came with the leads and 3 downloaded sources reported working