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Cobb ATR WGDC table question


After I installed the RB turbos, I tried to use an OTS map and adjust the WGDC Base table for the new turbos. I nailed it perfectly for WOT, but at partial throttle I still need to lower some values from the table (in the area of 400kg/h and factor 1.5), which are already very low. Like, I need to lower by 3, a value which is now 1.5. However this table does not accept negative values (any negative value that I input is rounded to 0).

What can I do about this ? Any other tables that I can work on to further lower the final WGDC values ? I don't really want to live with this part throttle overboost.

Edit: I now see that the "WGDC Adder (Airflow)" table has a positive value in the 500 area, so I will just zero that value out. But I don't think it is enough. What does the "WGDC (Pre-control A)" table do ?

I also have a map in the works with PTF, but I don't like the fact that I can't see anything inside it with ATR, and also it's a tedious back and forth process. So I would very much prefer to have my own ATR maps that I can modify as needed.

Any help on this would be appreciated !