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Originally Posted by wakeboarder109 View Post
To all of the landlords out there, I've got a quick question. My brother recently rented a house with my parents in Florida. He is 6 months into a 12 month lease and has moved out of state for another job. The only thing the lease says is that 60 days notice must be given before vacating which he did. The rental company is stating that he has to pay the remainder of the lease until they find a new tenant. They have been very shady through the whole process and I want to make sure they aren't jerking him around. Is he required to pay the rest of the lease? Is the 60 days notice enough to break the lease?

Thanks in advance.

As always, it depends on what's on the lease, FL laws, etc., but usually 12 months lease is for a lump sum, i.s. say $12K, with $1K paid monthly, so the company may demand the remainder of the term regardless of what kind of notice he gave, and "until we find a new tenant" is sort of a logical compromise they offer.

Realistically, I doubt they'd go after your brother trying to collect, but again, depends on the lease and Fl laws and the company itself.