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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
335i values have dropped considerably so might aswell get something with higher mileage (even 20-30k on the clock) less money and peace of mind that you've got a legit car.
They seem to have gone up on the AUC site.

Originally Posted by SteveC View Post
I can give you at 2 personal experiences of low mileage

I bought a 2007 BMW GS1200 in 2010 with 1170 miles. The guy had 4 cars plus the bike and his own business. The receipt he gave me from his purchase of the bike showed he'd traded a 3 year old FireBlade with 700 miles. I once bought a 1 year old Honda CBX six with 300 miles. The guy had been out twice and scared himself silly both times!

My nextdoor neighbour works on contract in various middle eastern countries. In order to avoid UK tax he spends less than 90 days in the country each year. He has a BMW1300 bike and an XK something or other that hardly ever see the light of day. When he sells either one someone is going to get a pretty tasty deal of a well depreciated car or bike with absolutely no wear and tear. Bike and car are serviced every year.

There are plenty of people around with money and no time. In the old days we used to spend time to save money. These days we spend money to save time
I get your point but I don't think bikes are a great example as they always have less/low miles. 300 miles in two rides?