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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
I don't think that looks bad at all. Any idea if that would fit on pre-LCI E92 or better to stick with a 8.5" and slightly narrower rubber? Thanks for the reply, looks like I posted in the right place - you guys are thinking like I am it would appear.
Oh, I love the look myself, but seems like most of the population on this board would rather see a 19x10" wheel and a stretched tire... but that's not my preference.

I'm not the expert, but I think the fitment for E90/E92 pre-LCI is the same? I know LCI loses a bit of space in the rear.

Eitherway, I went back and forth with Joe at Apex and he will know *exactly* what fits how with the wheels & tires you want... See this thread as a starting point with lots of info.

Another big bonus is that 17" tires are a LOT cheaper
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