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So, has anyone else had the pleasure of dealing with their customer service?

Pathetic to say the least. I bought my 330i in April used, so I wasn't altogether shocked when my esn# wasn't recognized. So I assumed a simple call and I'd be on my way. Wrong.

My first call, after about ten minues of conversation they ultimately recognized the unit as being installed in a BMW, but then said they couldn't offer me the promo as it was for online radio only. He did of course offer to sell me a monthly membership at $15. NO thanks. Didn't think that was right, but I hung up anyway.

Called back today. Same deal, recognized the unit as BMW, but then said, we can't hook you up on this phone number, you need this number........and she proceeded to give me the number I used to call her. Oh then try online.........did that with no success. Lots of confusion on their end but absolutely no interest in helping. All she could do was keep telling me I needed to call someone else, with the same number I had used to call her.

I really wanted to check the service out, but given the piss-poor customer service I can't see why I'd ever become a paying customer. I should add that from the sound of things, I was speaking to an Indian call center, which again is not encouraging. Too bad.