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Originally Posted by cupertinosteve View Post
Not to pick on you specifically, but general statements like that are what get people in a tissy. I would say that Stage 2 Drew would have something different to say about that.

In my opinion a dyno plot is NOT what happens in a airstrip run, you are typically starting at a certain RPM, usually designed to be in your sweet spot and then you go from there.

I would take into consideration the amount of time spent in a particular gear. Most dyno plots are done in 4th gear which has a particular performance characteristics and there a different profiles in 2nd, 3rd and 5th.

Lastly, I consider the usable RPM range spent in each gear. Keep the same speed and notice the amount of RPM change as you upshift or downshift from there. Its different, so then you would be a different state on the power curve.

For a more specific example, at the airstrip run with my car+mods ... 5000 RPM in 2nd gear is a challenging start since the torque spike causes me to lose traction which is sub-optimal and would spend a very short time in gear and then have to shift again. The better place for me to be would be around 4000 RPM in 3rd gear.

For a stock turbo FBO+meth car, 5000 RPM in 2nd may be the right place for it.

The key is to understand where your car fits in terms of power, gearing, traction ...
He said those specific cars and I believe assuming both of them having traction. You are correct but if you do the math and take gearing etc into consideration you will agreewith him that the RB dyno graph posted wins the M3 dyno graph posted.