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Originally Posted by ChuckD05 View Post
terrys 135 ran side by side with the e63 amg that seemed to do just as good as the ST cars did or better... honestly i expected the single turbo 6MT cars to shit on some cars and people to shut their mouths but imo there is more of an invitation to be sceptical after this event... like shiv in particular yet i have heard no mention of him running anything like he did the first time, which imo gave the single turbo kit some good press...

i am by no means a nutswinger on either side, just my observation... the e63 even offered to run anyone that wanted a good fill in car for comparison to terrys car, did anyone take him up on that? the tuned e63?
yea i did! lol got eaten by about 3-4 cars... Terrys car is something else... To pull on that e63 top end is crazy...