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Hey all,

This seems like a suitable enough thread to introduce myself. I'm Rocky and I'm addicted to cars. My current drug of choice is a 2007 335i Monaco Blue Sedan with Terra Dakota. I just bought the car and it's relatively stock. I've had quite a bit of vehicles in the past(everything from 03 Cobra, Z32 TT 300ZX, G35, Single Turbo Supra which I still have, and many many others) but my first car was an e30 325e. I missed everything about that car and when the E90 335s came out, I had to have one. Finally getting rid of all my big car payments I found this car in IL and I'm pleased to say, this car is the shit.

Here's a couple of pics so far.

Filthy when I picked it up.

Picture with my lady's Z33 350 after detail.

The day after I detailed it

Needless to say, it needs detailed again.

I'm from the Akron area and hopefully if there's some meets that fly around in this area, I can make it out to some. I'll start throwing some money at this car here soon and hope to contribute to the forum.