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Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
Andrew, I say keep the Range Rover.
Originally Posted by AlanQS View Post
I assume you would be replacing the RRS with it but right now you have two really great and really contrasting vehicles, both highly interesting but in different ways. I would have thought the RRS could actually last a while as some of it's functions and capabilities are particular to it and provided you wanted to benefit from those capabilities, then there would be little reason for you to get rid.

Just a thought...
Both of you are, of course, right. Theres no denying the XJ is a much better 'car' but, the RRS is an altogether different experience and a superb contrast to the XKR.

Also, despite there being only two of us, the practicality of being able to put anything in it is just plain convenient.

Originally Posted by shrink View Post
The xj is superb. It's a great vehicle. It also needs no more than the Diesel engine.
I imagine the Supersport which has the engine from my car makes for one insanely competent, if surreal car!

Originally Posted by chrisbin View Post
Entertaining read as always Andrew!

A (young) friend of mine is on his second XJ and loves them to bits!!

Despite all you say, I reckon you will have problems prising the RRS away from your other half.....once they get used to the 4x4 experience its very hard to convince them to try something else.... voe!!
Young and XJ in one sentence? Theres hope for me after all

Originally Posted by Vaheed1 View Post
I love that XJ! proper gentleman's car IMO.

I asked the wife recently if she fancied chopping her car in for a RRS next year - she told me, in no uncertain terms, that "she wouldn't be seen dead in one" - bloody shame, as I really fancy one but can't see myself getting used to the idea of driving one every day.... Hence why I would like to replace her car with it and then use it when I fancied. Women, eh?
The total opposite to my other half then To be honest, she didn't want it at first but only because she thought it was too big. Once she'd successfully parked it though, the smaller Evoque we were going to buy was out of the running.

Now, she thinks the same about the new FFRR in that it;s too big. This time though, even I'd think twice about how I'd squeeze into a parking space or multi-storey!

Originally Posted by m@rk View Post
And there was I thinking the depreciation on my A7 was big. Can't believe I could have had that XJ for the same money.

Might have to consider it next time as that does look like a lot of very nice car.
I may have been a bit misleading saying one of these was low 30k's because the one I had was a brand new (limo) version with pretty much every option (although to be fair, Portfolio spec comes with nearly everything anyway). The older ones also don't have the new 8-speed 'box (fitted from summer 2011 onwards only). So, whilst 30k doesn't buy this car, 45k does.....and thats still a crazy saving on the list of 68k and a whole lot of car for the money.

Saying that, heres an example of a cheap approved SWB Portfolio spec car:

I also just realised that a new V8 S/C Supersport is 92k!!!

Look what this approved 60-plate one is up for....

For those that can't be bothered to click the link.....thats 45k!!! An easy 41-42k after a bit of 'work' And, as you can't get the new 8-speed 'box on the Supersport, there is no reason not to buy an 18m old one. (They also have 12-platers for just 10k more) goes away to consider options and what else one could do with the money saved. Maybe that new FFRR with a V8 diesel isn't so big after all!
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