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Originally Posted by amtex View Post
I'd like my car to last at least to 300k miles... So I thought for that I would need a really-really good oil.

P.s. I do not race.
300K for e90....good luck you will be the first

I mean you can get any car to 300k, its just after some point a new car will be cheaper then repairs.

I am almost positive that even for 300k miles, oil makes little difference (any good oil will do). I would be more worried about every other part in the car, tranny, braking system, electronics, power steering, etc.

I had cars with 160-170k that ran on cheap dyno oil from barrels and engines never failed obviously

ps. my dad never changes oil in his cars only adds some....never had engine problems, tranny failed, ABS unit failed, exhaust failed.....engine never

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