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Originally Posted by smi1gj
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Contrary to the norm (based on a few trite responses) that really doesn't take much time at all at a computer. Could be a 'tirely different "story" if you're using the mobile I suppose. However, going beyond plus ones, posts void of specificity and making sure that your writing indicates that English isn't your second or third language makes you pompous, so you might want to be cool like everyone else who's been following n54 forums for a few months now and keep your comments short and overly simple. Unless you'd like to know which intake or FMIC gives you the most horse powers. Uma vergonha
Come on Nailer, that pompous joke was in our younger years

FWIW my punctuation is not always up to par as I post from the old mobile. I get worked up enough with some of the threads/posts on here, let alone fighting with Siri.
Well as long as we've worked out those rough edges

Dude... As hard as you try, drama catches you and sucks you in sometimes here lol. You can't help it, you try to put it off or ignore it... But sometimes you just can't win haha

I wish other forums had mobile too. (Not to take away from e90post for you moderators possibly reading and getting hurt feelings at my infidelity...)