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Thanks for the replies

The only reason I ever took my car back to Doncaster was that I was advised by a few informed people that any warranty claims through Allianz are much more easily dealt with through an Authorised BMW dealer. I can actually understand this as it would be fair to assume that Allianz would scrutinise the work of an independent mechanic far more than what they would that of an authorised dealer. The other reason for taking it back to Doncaster BMW was because they had dealt with all these electrical issues from the very start and if I had another dealer or independent try to fix the issues then I was could see it turning into a sort of blame game as to who has caused more damage and who should be responsible for trying to sort it out.

I thought about writing a letter to BMW Australia about the issues but I've don't see it getting far as they will most likely side with the dealer I have simply decided to cut my losses and treat it as a learning experience. It appears that the Allianz look at each claim as an isolated case and unfortunately don't look at any past issues to see any cause or effect. I may post it on the facebook page but the fact is that it has now gotten to a point where I don't want them to solve the issues because as per the previous post, it's not over a battery which I can have replaced at a cost of ~$300 (as opposed to the dealers $750 price!) but rather the level of customer service received.

The dealer principle could have taken a more more customer service orientated approach and informed me that he appreciates the fact that it has been brought to his attention and whilst he would happy to fix the issues under warranty, he simply can't because Allianz won't ok the repairs and that whilst my experience to date hasn't been pleasant he could try and improve it now that he was aware of the treatment that customers are receiving. If this approach had been taken then maybe I would bought the F30 from them!

Unfortunately this experience has put me off the F30 because as great a car as it was, it simply wasn't that much better than my current E92 to warrant the appalling service received from both Doncaster BMW and BMW Australia. I actually received a call from a lady at Doncaster BMW stating that she had been informed that I was looking to purchase an F30 (she wasn't a salesperson though), I stopped her there and informed me that I wouldn't be too keen on returning after the customer service I had experienced at their dealer (I didn't go into any detail at all) and her reply was simply "Ok thank you and have a good day"

I've settled on either an E-class or C-class coupe, they seem to be far better screwed together than both the E9X series and the F30's as well and family friends have nothing but praise for them. It may turn out that Mercedes has poor customer service as well but so far my experience (3-4 years back) with both my ML and another immediate family members SLK has been nothing short of fantastic

I'll keep you informed on any progress if I hear back from either Doncaster BMW or BMW Australia