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Originally Posted by Tonybest View Post
Nice video jgalaxy. I like seeing my car side step in the fast uphill esses. Scary moment which was greatly felt in the seat on my pants. I was flustered after my wide outing at turn 2, and maybe wasn't settled in my mind at the moment.

We learn something ever so often.
I'm thinking that was the case. The 'twitch' as I call it, up track on the 'S'es, must have been a tad more unsettling than the off at turn 2 ... Lucky you didnt lift too much ... that would have been ... Uhm, bad.

My off at 2 was a big surprise. I though I was all set with my steering angle for turn in and was back on the accelerator, fixated up field for corner 3 and 4 only to hear that rumble of the car going off into the dirt.

What was pretty interesting was being behind Chris on turn 4 as he turned in and gaving next to nothing for acceleration, broke the rear end free - nice recovery too -

I really like that track. Such a shame that it is 14 hours from Montreal.
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