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Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
I'm thinking that was the case. The 'twitch' as I call it, up track on the 'S'es, must have been a tad more unsettling than the off at turn 2 ... Lucky you didnt lift too much ... that would have been ... Uhm, bad.

My off at 2 was a big surprise. I though I was all set with my steering angle for turn in and was back on the accelerator, fixated up field for corner 3 and 4 only to hear that rumble of the car going off into the dirt.

What was pretty interesting was being behind Chris on turn 4 as he turned in and gaving next to nothing for acceleration, broke the rear end free - nice recovery too -

I really like that track. Such a shame that it is 14 hours from Montreal.

We could look into hiring a transport co. to ship our cars and we fly down...