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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
It is kind of hard to prove that the light was working to begin with. Just because there was a picture of the light working perfectly fine means nothing because the seller could easily swap out the working one with a broken one. The only legitimate evidence is to have a 3rd party witness that the lights were working and have them ship it out to the buyer personally.
True, but even a third party can be bought/fixed, it's just how far are you willing to go. Taking a pic is easy and makes your 'likely to cheat' percent go from 50% to 80%.
It's all based on trust. If both parties are operating on good faith, ie. neither are knowingly cheating, then either the leds were already bust (seller never said he checked 100% each led was working), damaged in shipping (unlikely with these goods), or the buyer bust it without realizing it. Only they know! This is the non-cheating scenario.
Cheaters, well you just have to develop a sense to avoid them, they'll be scammers for as long as the world exists.