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Originally Posted by LittleBlue View Post
Taking my car in tonight to dealer after work, no overheat yet but noticed the radiator fan turning on periodically for like 3 seconds then shutting off ( hearing the fan sound) even before the coolant is up to normal temp, SA says that is an idication of pump failure but need to trouble shoot, rough estimate $1,200-$1,300

Does anyone know whether when dealer do this do they change the thermostat too or I need to tell them? How about the coolant, do they just top it off when done or do they drain and fill/flush?

Thanks everyone!

BTW car only has 58,000 Miles !
I changed mine today at 50K. No problems, just wanted to put in a replacement before I had a breakdown on the road. I gave all of the parts to an Indy and he charged me $270 for labor. I recommend that the T stat be replaced as you have to remove it anyways as it is attached to the pump. I think you have to tell them to replace the t stat and drain the coolant or otherwise they will just do what the service order says. Most coolant will drain when the pump is removed, but there is still coolant in the radiator.