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Originally Posted by King mode View Post
That is truly amazing running 11.3@122 on stock twins. Sounds like you have hit the 1/4 a lot. Are you nervous that you won't beat your stock turbo record with your single? I would think that going with a single you would be super eager to ht the track! Esp after all that money for plenty more power. Up to the owner though. Good luck when you can manage the time to see what she does.
I mean no disrespect, but that just sounds a little silly to me.

Now you don't know me from a hole in the wall, so my opinion really should mean anything to you.

I was no slouch with my FBO+meth ... 11.538@118.673MPH.

The single turbo is much faster than my FBO+meth setup. Now I don't just say that to make myself feel better about what I spent on the upgrade.

I'll eventually take the time to go run the car again.

I wouldn't confuse the single turbo upgrade between the different transmission types (6MT vs. 6AT). The 6MT guys are doing more than just fine - with their extra revs and a real transmission - they guys are making 100+ WHP.

The 6AT crowd (single, RB, ASR, Vargas ... possibly even the stock turbo+FBO+100% E85 guys) are going to need to address the inherent challenges of the slushbox.
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