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Originally Posted by dicostal View Post
So sorry to hear that, I will definitely keep an eye out and PM of any post I think might be related.
I had my Car stolen in Stamford a few years back (VW GTI) on a side street near the Art bar used to be, I believe on Washington blvd next to UCONN (it was not there back then). I had just finish paying it off too, got some tips the car was in Bridgeport, I was crazy and young back then and went looking for it, but never found it and I did not have theft insurance since i was in college and it was crazy expensive.

I hope they catch these guys. I hope the folks who park the cars is a house garage do not have to worry about that, and it is not likely they will do it mid day.

Hope it all works out.
That sucks about your GTI. I hope so too...

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sorry to hear about this. it's a shame some don't want to work for what they want, and others have to deal with the bs of having their things taken.

hopefully they get caught. i'm not sure how hard it is to balance our cars on one cinder block per side, i've never done it, but it looks like those guys have before...

RE: over tightening your lugs - don't. you can warp your rotors by over-torqueing.

ps - are you the guy that took his 6 to VAC? sadly, i took my car to them for work. 6 months later, big mistake...
Thanks! I did not, though I have taken it to another shop that many people say great things about and was ultimately very disappointed and left feeling pretty ripped off.

Originally Posted by Joe- View Post
Terrible, sorry to hear about this. I live in Greenwich and have not heard of this in my area as of yet.

Almost makes me want to clean out the garage and finally keep the car in the garage.
Do it anyway. For the good of your car.

Originally Posted by michaelalex17 View Post
my dad had his Mercedes E55 AMG stolen in Greenwhich CT. anything can happen.
This is true.

Originally Posted by sickem View Post
Really sorry to hear! Glad you are covered with insurance, though. Can you tell me more about this insurance rider for mods? I'm thinking about doing this...ill be putting a set of 313s on this spring...also deer plus Fmic might get costly. If I call my insurance will they know what the heck I'm talking about?
Um...ask what the maximum $ rider you can add on for modifications to the vehicle are (IE wheels, stereo system, etc). They should know what you're talking about. In the case of my company, the max was 5k before it became an agreed value policy, effectively doubling the insurance on it. So I went for the 5k. I figured in the event that god forbid it got totaled, I could pull enough parts off of it to have the 5k rider get me out whole...the only time I would be left in the red would be if the car were stolen.

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im sorry to hear about your cars. Saw it on News 12 Today hopefully they catch them.
Thanks! Yeah it was kinda strange having a bunch of people send me texts to the effect of OMGWTFDUDE why is your car on TV and on blocks?

Originally Posted by themyst View Post
Sucks man. Curbed stock 18s are the ultimate thief deterrent!
Heh, if only they weren't a deterrent to caring about the car...

Originally Posted by E92 RNyC View Post
Damn, sorry to hear about that, to all those involved. I hate thieves. Hope they catch those bastards.
Thanks...I agree, though I am not hopeful.

Originally Posted by Goofyguy View Post
Damn no only did they take your wheels, but balanced the car at the same time! Ive heard of balancing wheels but cars thats impressive.

Sorry to see that happen, I would be mad as hell if I was parked in a garage with cameras and traffic and no one had anything to say. To Heck with that its old school waiting in the back seat with a Mossy 500 pump.
I agree, and would love to get medieval with a drill with a big masonry bit, and certainly had zero worries about the car's parking spot until now. The truth is though...they knew what they wanted and where to get it. Maybe I'll do the South African mod next time...