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Originally Posted by RedmumbaSeattle View Post
Hm, that is good to know, @Vreimann.

With the Koni FSD and the coilover suggestions in mind--which one is preferable? Since they overlap, can you use both?
Before looking into the coil overs, you may want to try non run flats and as previously mentioned check the factory dampers to see if they are shot.

I get to drive both my D and my wife's 323i which is pretty similar in suspension to a 328. There is a big difference in having the 16's on the 323i vs the 18's on the D. I switched to a normal 18" tire on the D and the difference is very noticable for the better. The 18's are now more comfortable than the 16" run flats. Once the 323i tires wear out, they will go to normal tires too.

When I do go coil overs it will be either JRZ or Ohlin's but I have been leaning towards Ohlins because of the ability to hit stock height to clear snow and deep ruts.

Our city only clears the main arteries and leaves the rest of the streets alone to build all sorts of ice ruts holes and they won't blade until the ruts are 6" deep.

Good luck in finding a solution.
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