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Automatic Curb Monitor coding

I've seen countless threads on this in my searching, but no good answers. I've got a 2009 328i and the Automatic Curb Monitor (the passenger mirror tilting down in reverse) is DEFINITELY NOT enabled. My mirror adjust switch has only left and right positions (no center) and in neither of them does the mirror tilt down in reverse.

That's not totally unbelievable - there's an asterisk marking it as an option in the manual, and my car's pretty sparse on options (for one, no premium). BUT at the same time, oodles of people seem to think that it was standard equipment up until 2011 or so, at which point you only got it if you had power seats.

Whatever. Let's assume it's an option, and one I don't have. The question then becomes, how can I code it in? The motor's obviously already there. Power seats aren't required, at least for the 2009 year, since plenty of people have the curb monitor without them. So has anyone tried coding it in? Perhaps adding some option code to the VO? Enabling an option somewhere? Anybody looked into it?