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Originally Posted by Bash328I View Post
Finally My dealership has ordered a part after they got approval from BMW to replace a Cylinder head. It will be weeks before the part comes in and they can do the replacement. the Rep. did say that oil was forming air bubbles and the ticking noise is bursting of the bubbles .

I am still concerned that this replacement will not screw up the engine I am a newbie to the car mechanical world so forgive my stupidity
Very interesting that BMW is going to replace the head. That was my fix with no problems...Still 100%.

However, I still find it confusing that BMW now in allot of cases is replacing the rockers as the new fix, and you get the new head?

Thumbs up on the new head.

Until I hear proof that the new rockers are the real solution, due to the lack of oil flow in the N52, I will stay with my position of the new redesigned head as the real fix.

Best of luck.

Keep the thread up to date.
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My N52 before BMW USA replaced the cylinder

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