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I just changed my disa 1 unit. Upon removal of the original one there was zero resistance on the old one & I couldnt move the new one. I realise now that BMW must have known this when I was complaining about the hesitation from 30,000 kms but were just covering it up as per usual,is like a new car now. I only really had some noise on ocassion when cold. Buying that cable was the best $50 I have spent for a long time. Quite a simple job four screws on the disa itself 2 screws on ythe bracket ( I just removed the top one & loosened the bottom one so I could swing it out of the way)Was a bit of a fidley job but worth it. I think perhaps the flaps on thirty thirty ones motor may be loose but not zero resistancen perhaps just chattering and moving maybe 20-30 % and creating the noise but thats just a theory best replace disa 1 first & see how you go.