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Originally Posted by BrazilianBimmer View Post
I'm surprised that people are saying all these nice about geico. Some lady hit me from behind one time. Back then I was not in e90post, and did not realize it was a chance to get a different bumper than the one I had. Geico wanted to install a replica of the OEM bumper, I fought with them and finally got a new OEM bumper. They took care of me in the end

But after I had that hassle with them, I switched.
OP, definitely a chance to upgrade here man.
I find it weird too. They tried to fix my buddy's car with "USED" parts. When he refused, it delayed the process. I had them for my windshield. Even though it couldn't pass inspection because it was in driver's view, they ARGUED with me saying I should repair it. Then they wouldn't pay for OEM.

I've said it before, in the end, THEY PAID FOR OEM. But why make your customer have to argue and go back and forth? I left them, and then someone calls and tells me I should have told them I was going to switch, they would have lowered my premium to keep me.

GEICO a stand up co.? Yeah, if you have a govt. worker's mentality.