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Originally Posted by xenon View Post
Yeah but come on - your post was a massive generalisation. "Install a network" can mean anything from linking a few PCs together on a peer-to-peer network to something a whole lot more. It's facile to say anyone with half a brain can install a network unless you mean simply unwrapping something and plugging it in.

BTT - experience is key. When I recruit qualifications are nice but I'll put experience way ahead everytime. I wouldn't let somebody manage my virtualisation infrastructure that had just read about it, even if they passed the MS exam on virtualisation.
Couldn't agree more on both points, there are too many people in IT that have small amounts of knowledge and are setting up big infrastructures which is scary.

Experience is key, exams will compliment experience in IT but not guarantee you a job. Don't get me wrong to get started in IT doing everything you can will help just don't rely on the exams.