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Originally Posted by KUSH View Post
I just changed my disa 1 unit. Upon removal of the original one there was zero resistance on the old one & I couldnt move the new one. I realise now that BMW must have known this when I was complaining about the hesitation from 30,000 kms but were just covering it up as per usual,is like a new car now. I only really had some noise on ocassion when cold. Buying that cable was the best $50 I have spent for a long time. Quite a simple job four screws on the disa itself 2 screws on ythe bracket ( I just removed the top one & loosened the bottom one so I could swing it out of the way)Was a bit of a fidley job but worth it. I think perhaps the flaps on thirty thirty ones motor may be loose but not zero resistancen perhaps just chattering and moving maybe 20-30 % and creating the noise but thats just a theory best replace disa 1 first & see how you go.
Wow, that is good news!! So I gather when you say zero resistance you mean as in electrical - failed motor since these are motorised? Or do you mean physical resistance in the flap movement? The impression I get is that being motorised the flaps are not supposed to be able to move at all by hand.

I really now need to order my own cable since I am just borrowing a friend's one for the moment. Installed INPA 5.0.2 which is in English and ran those DISA tests again last night when things were considerably quieter. DISA 1, just like my vid above, is consistently making this 'rattly clacking' noise when opening and closing, whereas the smaller DISA 2 is barely noticeable - it's far more gentle and consistent sounding! So depending on how long it will take to get the parts on order, I might just also only do DISA 1, and then if really necessary can replace DISA 2 at a later stage.

Once the new DISA 1 is fitted I am really hoping that aside from the rattling noises it will sort out the stumbling and flat spots at lower revs, also the throttle response is pretty jerky which the tuner insists is not normal - but this could be more to do with the suspect temperature sensor.

Freaking annoys the hell out of me that the agents could not (more like not willing to) sort this out for me, and seems like you have had precisely the same nonsense!!!
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